Veni Vidi Vici

I was on the radio with Ann Marie last week when we were talking about the Art of the Internet. The back in the day sway of things. How it used to be. The love of designing websites every month from 1997 onward. Each time it was with a totally different look. I painstakingly coded the menus, photoshopped the graphics from buttons, banners and most importantly lots of things with my face on it. While always outstanding I was never happy with my layouts. It’s why I changed them so much. Just ask Daniel.

Things are so easily lost thanks to now designing online instead of offline. Back then we made it on our hard drive and then slowly (56k modem) uploaded via FTP to the server which cost a fortune and had bandwidth limits. Every version of my site was easily archived on my hard drive and my backup hard drives. Today we design live. It’s all up here on the Internet connected to the database and strung together within the programming of things beyond my current comprehension. The server goes down and it’s gone. I sneak in the back and adjust some HTML only to find out my old school skills have wrecked the delicate nature of things. A small adjustment could mean the destruction of all things PHP. One slip and I’ve given the PHP HIV.

What a wonderful idea it would be to just keep a blog with all things that are going on forever and ever into eternity. I reflected on Mr. Frank Cotolo’s Blogspot. A creation apparently started in September 2004 and continues on today all thanks to the ever-lasting nature of Blogspot. He has referenced his show on a weekly basis since 2004 and continues to do so right there. Small little blurbs as time marches on. All things not to be wiped away any time soon as Blogger continues to be Blogger.

Ann Marie remarked on what a good idea that would be. I should have a website somewhere that might last. Something that may not go away. Something on a server that won’t go away because I stopped paying the bills. Yes, I thought, something simple. And I could post screen shots of old website layouts long gone to show the kids just what we used to do.

My obsessive compulsive website layout behavior stretched on for over a decade until it slowed to where it is now. My last website design of was a supremely customized new age type of which I relied on a template and MYSQL databases for. I jumped in the closet with my then-husband and a disco light. We photographed and recorded video for an hour to come out with the very fabulesque Artist D photos you may have seen before. Multi-coloured, blonde with fishnet gloves as I grooved out to the psychedelic lights spinning.

I’ve left the website up and can’t seem to bring myself to scrap it. It’s become a monument. It’s a piece of ART. While it no longer suits my function and I have outgrown it as I begin creating more content, I just can’t seem to part with it.

I don’t really have a desire to create a fancy stylish website anymore. I don’t want to make anything like I did before and I don’t want an upgraded monstrous thing either. I like the simplicity of a long column of words. For I am and always have been a writer. Besides, the kids these days wouldn’t appreciate the art of a website if it smacked them over the head with a splintered ruler. The Internet of the second decade within the 21st century is about providing inspiration via information and showing what you’ve got. Not inhibition, but ambition. We now teach from being. We do not teach by teaching. A lost art when showing our heart.

This website, BLOODY TYPEWRITER, THE RECAPITULATIONS & COLLECTIONS OF THE ARTIST D, is exactly what it says. I will display the art of the Internet. I will showcase my history. I will give past, present and future. I’ll let you know how it felt to be The Internet’s First Super Star. from 2013 to 2015 by The Artist D from 2013 to 2015 by The Artist D

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