Live to Go

My life has always been about travel. There is never enough money to go as far as I desire. I’m not big on flying. I’m not big on trusting my life in the hands of others. I can’t say this is out of line anymore as the world becomes more ridiculous with viruses spreading, security tightening and suicidal airplane pilots.

I like to travel my own way and forge it on through. There’s something about driving yourself a very far distance that resonates with me. It’s a lot like walking everywhere you possibly can. Things become more meaningful when you have to walk to the nearest shop to pickup the dinner you are going to make after you get home. The same happens with driving eight hours to be some place you wish to adventure to. It’s a lot of work to get to the payoff.

I’m not sure the majority of people understand the meaningfulness of hard work or the art of doing some. You know, “kids these days.”

My phobia for transportation driven by others does keep me back. I’m not jetting off to London all of the time and if I want to get half way across the country I’ll need two weeks to complete the full journey.

As I’ve read I’m much like Shirley MacLaine in that I’m always rushing to get to the end of the next challenge. I’ve always been near desperation to quickly finish everything I start. I always wish I had taken my time with it once I’m at the finish line. This is something that I’ve learned is built into my genetic character. It’s something to embrace and learn to live with. I can teach myself to enjoy the moment more, but I will always have a desire to get it over with. To win.

I love the in between of travel. I don’t like leaving and I’m not too swell with arriving, but the middle is glorious. I love the open road and the places that present the optimal amount of nothingness. This nothingness is of course full of somethingness, but people don’t usually see it that way. I like places without people. I like places full of things, creatures and natural creations. People sully.

There is so much love for just me and a canyon. A dark unlit road and I at 3 AM in the woods. The crashing ocean waves on a stormy night and I on the empty beach. The places people won’t go. The places people think are boring because they have no bright lights, throbbing music or fun family entertainment. Those barren spaces are the places that rule me. That and the desire to always find more of them. I live to be on the move. I live to go.

The Artist D, by Darya Teesewell

The Artist D, by Darya Teesewell, October, 2013


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