Garbo & I

Humans often remind me that I am alone. When I go on vacation I am told by the check-in desk that I am alone. The concierge then reminds me that I am vacationing all by myself. I go to breakfast, lunch and dinner to be asked by the Host or Hostess, “Just one?” Then the waiter or waitress remarks, “You’re all by yourself!”

I can take this as a deep undercurrent of human compassion and confusion. Humans are terrified of being alone. We were groomed from birth to be together. My husband, of whom I obviously do not vacation with often, tells me that normal people cannot be alone and that it is actually chemical instead of a childhood Cinderella storybook brainwashing. I wouldn’t understand that because my wiring has no problem being by itself. It is often preferred when compared to the alternative.

Most people go on vacation and fight. I see it because I am the Table For One who has been listening to you fight all evening. I am the guy at the dimly lit corner with minimal space as the restaurant wants my money but doesn’t know where the hell to put me because they’d rather Table For Two. I’ve been observing all of you human creatures having your couples dialogue or your family’s blathering.

I can be alone. In fact the only time I question my ability to be alone is when everyone around me seems to think there’s something wrong with it. Then you start to question things. Then you wonder if you are really OK with it. Then you have a panic attack and remind yourself that they have no idea what they’re talking about.

Time alone is important for artists and persons of deep thought. They need some quiet. They require reading time all by themselves. They do at times wish to be out with the group and when that time comes they will find a group. Meanwhile there is no need to question it. If you’re questioning it in public to strangers then you probably wouldn’t understand anyway.

Roadside Silence, by The Artist D, August 2015

Roadside Silence, by The Artist D, August 2015


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