Human Nature

There were so many influences growing up that instilled the phrases “no regrets” and “I’m not sorry” in me. I’m sure the indie crowd would be aghast, but Madonna’s lyrics did teach me a thing or two when it comes to the perception of life. The culture I surrounded myself in showed me that there were no mistakes. Everything “just” happens and you’ve got to conceptualize it all to make life work for you.

That is step one in understanding the universe and accepting (or forgiving) yourself. We don’t make mistakes. There is no wrong or right as much as it all just is. It wouldn’t usually be said that a hurricane was mistaken in the course it took. They would say that it just was. You may say that we have more control than a hurricane, but I don’t think we do. Have you watched humans? They may have even less control than a hurricane.

This is why there are no regrets because every bit of life finds its way through the channels it pushes into the sand up to an ultimate release, the ocean or gaping vacuous space.

You may have spent a lot of money on a failed venture, but what did you learn or experience throughout attempting that venture? You learned more than that you shouldn’t have tried it in the first place. You probably had fun. You may have fallen in and out of love. Even if everything that came of it failed miserably you still experienced. And experiencing things is better than not experiencing things.

There is not much better than risking your neck to get a fulfilling experience. It’s how you decide to fall down that matters when failure is on the horizon. Like a dancer or a tightrope walker knows how to fall to minimize damage, so should we.

We are out here living our human nature. We waste a lot of time and resources, but it wouldn’t have been more fun to just sit still. There should not be regrets, only perception of the experience you just had. You know, everything Alfred Lord Tennyson probably ever said.

I must lose myself in action, lest I wither in despair.” – ALT

The Artist D - October 2015 at Fabelhaft Studios II, wearing Scooter Laforge

The Artist D – October 2015 at Fabelhaft Studios II, wearing Scooter Laforge


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