As I go along down this path I see fewer productions which inspire me. I am not sure if it’s because the older you get you become more jaded to it all or if people just really can’t create like they used to. Maybe a little of both! I’m sure I was far more moved as a child by things because I had never seen them before. It was a new groundbreaking event which I could latch onto, relate to, and say, “That’s me!”

I still have those moments now, just at a much more reduced frequency. Good music is even harder to find than a good film production. Oh, and forget about finding a good horror movie these days! Every now and then some producers will finally come along with a good budget to connect with the deepest artistic recesses of my mind.

It looks like a lot of people’s impatience for living bled into the reduction of quality with film and music. After all, a “good movie” starring Joan Crawford or Tippi Hedren used to be 2 1/2 hours long. It was an event! It took up your entire evening. It had a big script with words, lots of words! It spoke to you.

Some of the American Horror Story shows really connect my internal circuits. The Walking Dead while “just” a zombie situation speaks to me because of the scenario of less people on this planet. There are some very moving indie movie pieces too, but they’re not easy to find and certainly not prevalent creatures.

The Amazon series Transparent really speaks to me. This show is transgenderism to me. The first season really covered it as I know it to be. The characters presented could have been my friends. Some of them could have been me. I do not understand transgender people who disagree with it. They are living a transgender life which I did not know existed.

In the second season of Transparent they covered even more of what I see as my world. They continued to address a life in transition, but also covered the myth of monogamy, homosexuality, bisexuality, and the flow of nature within a family tree.

I won’t give away the farm on it as you should watch yourself, but there was something very deeply moving about the thought that we have stigmas and learned behavior built into our DNA before we are even created. It’s thought-provoking to think that Great-Great-Great Grandfather may have felt this or that way and passed it along genetically to us who feel the same, but don’t know why we feel that way.

Then there was the character played by Angelica Houston. I adore Angelica Houston and it was a very out of box character for her. But something she said about being NATO really struck with me. What is NATO? Not Attached To Outcome.

As my brain lights up like a big neon pin ball machine. Yes, yes, yes, that’s it and that’s right, that’s me right there. I had a childhood moment again. Finally hearing something I had never thought of myself but knew to be true without ever thinking it. To be not attached to outcome is so important. It swirls back around to the flow of the universe and the flow of Us. I am certainly NATO. I live my life and go through each experience with a NATO frame of mind. It’s best to be surprised and far less disappointing to let what happens just happen.

The kid in me thinks you should watch Transparent. You should analyze each frame, each word, and really over-analyze whatever you find meaningful to you. It’s worth the adventure. It’s worth your time.  The series so far explains the world of gender fluidity and social stigma in a way that I would explain it myself. But now I don’t have to as these like-minded people have put it into a production worth watching.

The Artist D

The Artist D, November 2015


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