Business is what people do when they are bored. Business is what is done to keep all the humans busy. Busy with their busyness. Most people wouldn’t know what to do if you took away the requirement of putting in all of those hours. They would replace business with entertainment. They would sit on the couch and watch television as they wondered what else could feed them life.

The people are always looking to be given a life. Work and business keeps them busy. Externally produced entertainment keeps them busy. The consumers line up to these outlets like standing in line for soup. Business and entertainment is their only nourishment. Unless we’re talking about real food, because that’s one of the other categories of distraction. The final categories being sex and drugs.

At least when people have sex with each other they are creating their own enjoyment. Business, entertainment, food, and drugs all idly bring the creation to you. Those things force a world of distraction into what could be an otherwise meaningless existence. People are always looking outside of themselves for the meaning. They don’t seem to stop much and create it by themselves.

People are always telling me that the things I do take so much time. I get up early to take morning walks with meditation and stretching. That seems to take so much time! I make breakfast from scratch. I create a meal. I peel things and cook things. I prepare food and then slowly eat it. Well, that would take so much time! I do not subscribe to cable television, so when I seek entertainment I do my best to actually read books. Gosh, reading seems to take so much time! Any time I share some of my life habits with people they are always telling me that it sounds so good, but it must take so much time!

It usually makes me ask them what their time is like. Well, they say they are rushing off to work. Sometimes they tell me they are so late for school that they have to fall out of bed and get right to class. They’ve got to get the kids to camp or pack their husband’s lunch pail. The people who think I have time consuming lifestyle habits are always rushing off to do the things they don’t want to do. Work, school, and other such socioeconomic commitments that they must do are drowning out all of the things they would like to do; “Oh, if only I had more time. Like you…” 

Time is not something we get anymore or less of. People are always trying to find time. They are seeking it as if they could manufacture more minutes. The minutes never change, only your response to them does. I only have time in the morning before rushing off to responsibilities because I get up earlier than most people. The only reason I have time to read a book is because I turn off YouTube and quit staring at Facebook.

In the eyes of others with no time I appear to be sacrificing one thing for another. Maybe I am! I do one thing instead of another, but it’s no sacrifice. Instead of an extra hour of sleep I get a morning walk in calmness. Instead of staying up late on a bender I get some sleep per chance to dream. Instead of staring at a screen I will stare at pages of a book. The time is the same. It’s what we do with it that is different.

All burnt out humans work as much as they can, give to society as much as they can, and then they go home to collapse. We all exit the business and entertainment with the same exhaustion on a daily basis. It’s what we are doing when we get home that changes the course of a life’s style and brings a better lifestyle.

The Artist D, Finding the Time

The Artist D, Finding the Time


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