Humanity & My Car Door

The first time I bought a new car I drove it to the supermarket and parked way at the end of the lot as to protect “her.” When I exited the store I found someone slammed their shopping cart into the side, denting my new car. This was on the second day of owning a new car.  After that it was one human mishap after another. There was always someone leaving the cart against my side, dents, dings, scratches, and some kind soul even keyed me once.

The second time I bought a new car I did similarly with my required trip to the supermarket. Upon exiting the store and approaching my car I found some person in a beat up white Toyota put their door into the side, denting my new car. This also was on the second day of owning a new car.

I’ve always treated physical things as trivially as possible. For example, it’s wonderful to have a shiny new car, but don’t expect it to be completely shiny and new for more than ten minutes after driving off the lot. My purchase of a car is far more for the purpose of owning an armored tank to drive around in. It sure is shiny, glittery, and pretty, but it’s more there for my transportation and safety than anything else.

Be that as it may, I was a bit miffed upon finding that white Toyota sitting there a foot from my new car. Here we were again on day two with a nice dent and scratch. A dirty old little Toyota carelessly crammed into a spot with no awareness of what they have done. It is not as if they “set” their door upon mine. It was quite clear that they acted an ape and just lumbered out opening the door into my space. Right out into my glittery, shiny, new space.

It all makes me wonder about people like that. They are certainly why we cannot have nice things (for long). But I wonder why they do it. Do they have the personal opinion that they are a piece of shit in a “dirty old little white Toyota” and they are going to show me that I am not any better? Do they lumber about in envy or do they just do it in sloth? Are they just overheated from life and don’t give a shit? Do they think that I deserve a dent or do they not really think about it at all? Are they so caught up in their own world that they haven’t a clue what their mere presence is doing to others around them? Knowing humanity as I do I’d say it’s nothing personal. It’s only that they simply don’t treat their own things well, so they aren’t going to treat anyone else’s any better.

I’ve never opened my door and dented someone else’s vehicle, so I can’t really relate. Even when I drove a dirty old little car myself I never felt the right to have my property hurt someone else’s. I think about the people around me, because I do not want to bother the humans as much as they bother me. I stay out of people’s way in stores. I even get a lurking taste of guilt if I’m holding up traffic by going the speed limit. I do not wish to be in anyone’s way, because I wish that no one was in mine.

Humanity is my dented car door. Humanity just rumbles around, carelessly flinging their poo. They trample each other like herds of gazelles. They want to get somewhere, but refuse to take the time to carefully conduct their bodies in an orderly universal fashion. They will not meditate, yet they will scream. They will outstretch a slime-covered hand to request you appease them, but will not accommodate any requests that may infringe upon their static scrambled television channel type of life.

We should be kinder to each other and other people’s toys. There is another reason why I adore being within the BDSM community. There’s a group of people who understand respect for space. They also put their toys away when finished. And I bet you they wouldn’t dent your car door … unless you asked them to.

The Artist D on the Radio, April 2016

The Artist D on the Radio, April 2016


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