Monday Mourning

I awaken with the sadness. The somber cannot-shake-it dread.

Another weekend has left the building. Nothing interesting to note.

I could stare at a wall all day and it would be better than these Monday mornings.

I’m out for a walk trying to shake it off. It’s dark. It’s 4:30 AM. I just keep walking.

I’m walking and thinking. I’m talking to myself. I’m convincing myself to feel better.

I can’t talk myself out of it.

Thoughts of why it’s not bad at all. Thinking about the less fortunate. The people doing hard labor. The people doing hard time. The sick people. The damaged people.

I’m not damaged.

Keep telling yourself that. As you walk around in the dark on Monday morning.

I take an extra lap. I don’t want the dark morning calm to end. As people toddle to their cars and shoot me dirty looks. I know the sun is just over the horizon.

Sunshine always brings more people. Which I never understood because who keeps a schedule based on sunshine?

It’s Monday morning and I wouldn’t be up if I didn’t have to be up. Sunshine has nothing to do with my participation.

Another weekend drifts into the air with its weekend vapors. I keep exercising and talking to myself.

Forget about it.

Just forget about it.

But I hate when those vapors leave. They were so much fun. The weekend is over before it began!

After today there is only four days until the next reprieve. Just four days. I can busy myself until then. I can wait for it.

Forget about it.

It’s Monday morning.

I can’t seem to stop mourning. For absolutely no reason.

Martian Desert by The Artist D, July 2015

Martian Desert by The Artist D, July 2015


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