Defecating Gurus

Last night in my dream I went to a very open cabin in the middle of the city to a woman who was my chiropractor. She was a voluptuous large-bodied white woman with long straight blonde hair. It looked like her name was Caroline.

Her home or office was decorated in a hippy wood nymph design. I laid on the table covered only by a sheet and waited for her to come into the room. She started to work on my back but I just kept getting distracted by everything around me. She kept asking why I couldn’t calm down, relax. I told her I just wasn’t feeling this today even though I know I needed it.

Throughout my entire time on her table I felt the need to defecate and thought I’m just not in the right situation. A friend of hers came in, another client, and she went to help them with something. I felt this would be the perfect time to use her bathroom.

The bathroom was very open plan much like her entire office or home. The door to the bathroom was wooden with windows in it and a faint loose curtain on the other side. There were windows on each side of the door, those windows did not have any curtains. I felt very vulnerable as I didn’t think it was proper to be using the toilet at my chiropractor’s office, especially if she could simply look in the window and see what I was doing.

I paced the floors waiting for her to be too busy outside that door so I could do my business. I remember repeatedly washing my hands and wondering if I could get through the day, through her session, without having to go and use the toilet.

I decided I may be able to use the toilet as she seemed pretty busy with her friend. I lifted the lid of the toilet and it was filled with clear clean water but it was right up to the brim, and there was seaweed and water lilies floating within the water. On the top of the water sat two medium sized honey bees. They were very much alive.

I was startled by the bees and at the same time I thought to myself that bees are supposed to be rather friendly. The one bee immediately lifted off into the air and flew around me. It quickly flew away from me, but the other bee slowly flew towards me. I stepped away quickly trying not to startle it and was hoping it would not sting me. I feel that it may have stung my right upper arm but I’m not sure that I noticed as I was distracted then by my ankle.

At the same time of dealing with the bee I noticed that there were some sort of small flea like bugs that were on my left foot and ankle. A smattering of them, they could have even been very tiny spiders. I felt very interrupted throughout this process. After all I had just wanted to use the toilet and now it seems that this was not going to be possible due to it looking as it did. There was too much water in it and then there was the problem with all of that seaweed.

One of the bugs on my ankle bit me and immediately drew blood. I remember exclaiming “Jesus! That could be poisonous.”

I felt as though now I was in a worse situation than when I had entered the room. I needed to finish my session and I was concerned that our time had actually run out without fixing me. I still felt like I had to defecate, but now I was bleeding at my ankle and I didn’t know what these bugs were. I continue to repeatedly wash my hands in the basin. Over and over with a heavy feeling of worry in my stomach. I can still remember how that felt right now.

The chiropractor was waiting outside of the bathroom very patiently. It seems like her next customer had already arrived and she was concerned about me. She began to look through the window to see if I was okay, I remember saying that I would be out in just a little bit.

I remember that I eventually did exit the room and lay back down on her table. Actually I laid down on top of her, I was face up so as if she was holding me but somehow manipulating my back with her fingers from behind. She claimed I just could not get comfortable, and I agreed.

She suggested that we might want to have sex and that it could get my mind off of things. However her next client was already sitting to the side waiting, watching us with a confused look on his face, and we decided there just wasn’t enough time left to do anything. I must note that the conversation and the feeling wasn’t of concern that her client would be watching us as we had sex, but simply that time had run out. Neither of us would have minded an audience. This woman possibly named Caroline was very open in her nature, just like her home was this big open airy wood nymph cabin. There was a constant breeze blowing through everything, curtains everywhere moved gently.

The last thing I recall was walking away from her home or office. I felt unfulfilled. My back still hurt and I felt like we really could have had good sex in front of her client. I remember feeling strongly that I really could have had a better session. But on the other hand I was thankful that I was able to finally get out of there and go home to take a shit.

A Recent Cookie, November 2018

A Recent Cookie, November 2018


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