The Artist D

The Artist D, 2019

The Artist D is the executive editor and co-owner of the fiercely popular culture vessel Fourculture. He, she, it or they have hosted The Fabulous D Show, a global underground broadcast unearthing truth and extraterrestrialism. D is an author, photographer, videographer, painter, columnist, raconteur and provocateur. Features include print, digital, and numerous appearances on radio.


A poster child for the term genderqueer, The Artist D has been performing online since the mid-1990’s. As a young child in a backwards whitewashed town he began experimenting with art on the Internet. After learning HTML 1.0 Artist D started coding his own websites and linking up with others within a digital realm of acceptance. Being an unpopular outcast D found where he belonged among friends around the world. From that very young teen age he was a unique voice among just a handful displaying their artistic opinion on the Internet.

Realizing he had an interesting insight Artist D began blogging and webcamming via his website. He quickly fell into the Camwhore scene and broadcast his life with a twist! D wasn’t just another person sharing their life, he or she was a transgender individual sharing an artistic vision. It very well may be that The Artist D was the Internet’s first camwhoring transgender drag queen artist. Either way, it certainly got several eyebrows raised in his or her direction.

The Artist D

The Artist D (2013)

As the late 90’s approached it was realized that profit could come from what they called camwhoring*. The artist known only as D or by now “The Artist D” began selling his artwork through his website. Paintings, books and autographs were offered as well as a place for fans to donate money or purchase gifts for TAD. Being a star on your own personal website was the best of times in 1999. A panel of Internet camwhore relics would swear to that fact (if most of them weren’t dead or in hiding).

All good things come to an end and with the arrival of Myspace the personal website entrepreneurs were suffocated by the herd of general populace. Soon everyone had their own space and was fighting for the spotlight success seen by the original Internet’s first superstars. From Friendster to Myspace all the way to Facebook and Twitter everyone had arrived to The Internet. Owners of personal websites became bored with their work once the donations stopped and the spotlight shifted. One by one the gods of cyberspace shut down their storefronts. While the numbers fell The Artist D stayed. The party may have been over but surely there was more to be done, just not that second. Everything changes with time and while the dust settled Artist D took to the sunny beaches of California for a two year vacation.


The Artist D

The Artist D (2014)

After awhile things get old and spotlights shift. Social networking may never be gone, but after only a few years things got dull. Artist D eventually met Frank Cotolo and another Internet project grew roots. Frank Cotolo was known as the Godfather of Internet Broadcast and worked with the likes of Wolfman Jack before arriving to the Internet with Cotolo Chronicles. Frank and The Artist D teamed up for several adventures of Internet radio broadcast. Realizing D had a gift for broadcast and there was a whole new venue of people dying for something different, The Fabulous D Show was born.

In the summer of 2007 Artist D and his friend Charlotte Bukowski began a two hour broadcast from the Nevada desert. This pairing lasted for two seasons until the third when the show moved to Atlanta Georgia with co-hosts Sarah K and Vanilla Child joining D. Soon enough the show began to be broadcast live on WBRN (Wild Bunch Radio, owned and operated by Zoe Ballz) and in syndication around the globe. Season 5 saw many changes (as always) with the welcoming of many celebrity guests as well as the departure of Vanilla Child. In the sixth season we saw The Artist D spill his or her mental entrails out. It was the final word on many things that had been brewing for quite some time. Beginning its seventh season The Fabulous D Show joined the Fourculture Radio family, an underground radio network spawned from Fourculture Magazine. In this season Artist D promised to bring us the truth of other groundbreakers around the world.

Continuing to be an advocate for alternative thought (i.e. the unpopular belief that people should use the brains in their heads), in the Spring of 2009 TAD released his autobiography In Bed With Myself: The Making of the Internet’s First Superstar from Atlanta GA. The book detailed how he or she became an Internet celebrity, his upbringing and earning title of “The Internet’s First Superstar.” Clearing up any questions on the matter TAD explained he may have been one of the first, but certainly not the last. Artist D remains one of the few first personal website stars still active today.

The Artist D

The Artist D

As the years go by TAD has become an advocate for the surreal and a leader among the strange. In the winter of 2012 Artist D collaborated with a team of geniuses making one of his dreams come true. It was at that time when Fourculture Magazine was released to a hungry global audience yearning once again for something new. Fourculture Magazine has since grown to a be a highly rated online publication featuring art, literature, music and opinion on a bimonthly basis. This combined with the Fourculture website D and his band of cultivated collaborators have tapped into a wide range of interests with an enormous readership.

In 2014 we saw the launch of Fourculture Radio, an internet radio station on the air 24/7 playing indie music and talk. The Artist D also launched the Juiced Talk project with  Frank Cotolo and Velvet Steel. JuicedTalk remains an amazing archive of fabulous underground podcasters. In January 2015 D returned to radio with co-host Ann Marie on Up! All Night and later with Kawfee Haus, a fabulously irreverent and fun podcast.

The Artist D continued to grow and achieve what he or she had always wanted; to create alternative opinion, unearth the unheard of and show the world that being free of your box is the best! If you’re feeling like an extraterrestrial, The Artist D can always make you feel like you’ve found the keys to your spaceship. A surviving diva and a template for talented energy from the pre-Myspace era on a worldwide web that was at one time not all that wide.


The Artist D, January 2019

The Artist D, January 2019

We now live on a Terminator-like planet with a gentrified Internet. The future of our world is unknown and the light at the end of the tunnel keeps on getting dimmer. The Internet as we once knew it has been sloshed under like the Club Kid Era of New York City, pre-Disneyfication.

The Artist D forges along writing and broadcasting. Seeking a digital world that no longer seems to exist, he will continue to share his visions and philosophy for as long as Max Headroom has zeros and ones left within his limp techno body.

You can still hear The Artist D on an occasional broadcast from the underground that he calls “Private Conversations with The Artist D” posting both on Soundcloud and JuicedTalk. D’s world view can be seen on Instagram and his writings on WordPress. As of August 4, 2019 The Artist D has proclaimed the old school personal website platform Deceased. The old has been swept under and the new has taken over as we enter The Roaring 20’s.

* According to Wikipedia’s definition of a CAMWHORE** it is now a salacious horror of an individual performing sex acts on cam for money, a virtual prostitute. Note the change over time. The definition of CAMWHORE is now the opposite of what it once was. What was a popular respected term for people making a living by sharing their usually plain fully-clothed life with others via webcam is now pegged as what society likes to label as trash. (Footnote from original TheArtistD.com bio, circa 2010)

** Updated footnote as of 2015; the original bio posted on TheArtistD.com Wikipedia’s link to CAMWHORE now redirects to the definition of Camgirl***. We are witnessing amazing leaps and bounds of a culture that is only approximately 15 years extinct. What started as men and women on the Internet sharing their lives via cam for profit has become exclusively sexually charged web prostitutes to now a female broadcasting via webcam with or without financial gains. 

*** Updated footnote as of 2019; Wikipedia’s link to CAMWHORE now redirects to “Webcam model” which is currently being more inclusive of genders and giving a better historical account of Camwhore origins, laws, and incidents. Another step forward rewriting history that is now only 20 years extinct. 


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