Top 10 Books

Originally posted on April 17, 2013

 Nothing like a good old fashioned Top Ten List on a personal website. Reminds me of the good old days of web design. Below are my top ten life changing books of all time (so far). View the vlog and click the links below to purchase (or do any of your Amazon shopping) to support the website!


We start superficially. I fell in love with Janice Dickinson while watching The Surreal Life. I immediately purchased her book Everything About Me Is Fake . . . And I’m Perfect and it went quickly from there. This is a perfect read to tap into the fabulousness that you possess as well as finding the depth in what some would consider the shallow end. Check Please! is also a great read for anyone dealing with dating, mating and extricating.

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You don’t have to be a Satanist to read satanic scriptures. The Devil’s Notebook does include the How To on being a good Satanist, but far more importantly it provides a great view of life as it should be lived. You’ll quickly find that being true to yourself is the theme within Anton LaVey’s short essays. A book that makes you use your own judgement as to how far you want to take it. All the while this notebook may open you remind to how far you can take it …

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What can I say about my own autobiography? It’s not on my list because it’s mine. It’s on my list because no one has told you anywhere else how to live a gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender life and become The Internet’s First Supertar at the same time. This is not just a biographical tale, it’s a self help to get yourself from backwoods Barbie to living your dream (whatever that may be). Pick up my story “so far” at Amazon or …

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There is no need to agree with Shirley MacLaine and you can even think she is a bit nutty. Either way you’ll still enjoy her journey along The Camino. Whether you’re “into it” or not, you can clearly learn from this fabulous book as far as insight and idea go. One thing you should have learned by now is to take from wise things whatever wisdom you see. I saw a lot of me reflecting in this book and I don’t believe in a lot of the spiritual things discussed. (I do believe in aliens though and appreciate Shirley’s thoughts on government conspiracy.)

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Gertrude Stein shows me clearer than any that things then are things now and things will forever be as they are no matter what form they may embody. That being said I do envy Stein living in France, being friends with Picasso and eating pot brownies with Alice in their salon. While you may think you need to be high to understand some of the things that come out of Gertrude, you really don’t once you’re “tuned in.” I suggest you get a hold of this collection of some of her most famous books and tune yourself.

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It doesn’t matter if you are well read on the subject of the nonexistent God or just starting on your road to becoming an Atheist, Richard Dawkins lays it all out in this publication. This book is some heavy reading material and this Scientist cuts no corners in covering the delusion known as God. It took quite some time for me to get through and was a challenge being that it was so detailed, but by the end of it I was so much better off. You will be too!

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A complete injustice that Pete Burn’s autobiography is already out of print. If you ever needed the final proof that there are freaks in this world who are just like you, then you’ve got to get your hands on this book. I have always loved Pete from the band Dead or Alive, but loved him even more after spending countless hours watching his life on Celebrity Big Brother. Pete is a lovely statement of androgyny mixed with smart sexuality. He never gave in to the man and this record of his life (so far) is a fantastic tribute to being freak unique.

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Dali … Dali … Dali … what can be said about the great Salvador Dali? If you have been enraptured by his paintings you will be equally dazed by his words. Any book I’ve picked up with a little something from Dali has always amused and amazed. He writes like he paints and Maniac Eyeball was a trip down the rabbit hole for me. If you need a book that induces never before thought ideas and concepts then that is a Dali book. I’d highly recommend Maniac Eyeball as some deep, lengthy and intrusive reading for your brain.

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I’m not suggestion you live your life as an alcoholic postal employee, but if you’ve ever been down and out Charles Bukowski certainly makes you feel welcome. I don’t think there is a Bukowski book I wouldn’t recommend. Start your Bukowski education with Post Office, immediately move to Ham on Rye and then collect every poetry book released. Chuck will bring you to the brink of reality and it’ll be up to you to bring yourself back where you think you then belong.

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Quentin Crisp was writing about truth and reality before any upstanding creature of the “modern” 20th century. He was also being gay before any of those modern creatures as well. Quentin specialized in the profession of just being. He makes himself extremely clear through his collection of books, most notably The Naked Civil Servant, How to Become a Virgin and Resident Alien. The collection is out of print but you can still get these three books separately as well as his others.

From his opinions to his way of life (and upbringing) I share a closeness with this author that I have not yet found with any other. I would highly recommend studying this bold yet laid back individual.

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