In Bed with Myself, The Making of the First Interenet’s First Super Star

The Artist D was one of the first entertainers on the Internet before people knew what the Internet was. “In Bed with Myself” is a tell-all autobiographical self-help adventure. Throughout the story of becoming known as The Internet’s First Super Star, D explains his life and the obstacles gone through to get to the top of the underground Internet fame game.

With D’s quick wit and hilarious story telling ability “In Bed With Myself” will answer all of your questions. Go back to a time before the Internet made people Hollywood famous. D will tell you how to not become a flash in the pan and how he utilized the interwebs to become his main income.

It’s a story of success from birth to rebirth in this exciting adventurous tale of digital fortunes, self-acceptance, coming out of the closet and stepping beyond the transgender stereotypes from cam girl to super star.

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The Artist D has been performing on the Internet since the 90’s! It’s why they call him The Internet’s First Superstar. Here are some publications who have been talking about him throughout the years.


Rose’s Repartee Magazine featured The Artist D in issue 71 of their print magazine. Artist D wrote about transgender life in America in a column called Trans American LifeINTERNATIONAL TV REPARTEE is the magazine for all who cross-dress (transvestites). It is published by ROSE’S – the largest membership group for transgender people in the UK. Grab a copy of Repartee at!

Fourculture Magazine

Art, music, literature, and compelling societal views that live outside of the box: these are the four pillars of culture that create the world we live in. These pillars make up Fourculture Magazine. The Artist D was featured in issue 1’s release. An in depth interview by Paula Frank getting to know their new Executive Editor.

Read the entire article in Fourculture issue 1.


TRANSLIVING INTERNATIONAL is an international support group and lifestyle magazine for the cross-dressing and transgendered community. Although they are based in Essex, the United Kingdom they have members and readers all over the world. Transliving’s events see both members and non-members travel from all over. The essential TV, TG, CD, TS Lifestyle Magazine featured The Artist D in issue 36 of their glossy magazine. Get your copy at


Since 2012 The Artist D has been writing a monthly column in TGForum, one of the web’s oldest Transgender publications. TGF has been updating its pages with thought and information on a weekly basis for longer than some people have been alive. Go subscribe for free to to get plenty of Artist D’s observations and underground thought.

Read all of Artist D’s columns at TGF by clicking here for the entire feed!

Fourculture Letter from the Editor

The Artist D is Executive Editor of the wildly fabulous Fourculture Magazine. Check each issue for thoughtful artistic support in his Letters from the Editor. Defending the underground to the last mile, you will find nothing but inspiration if you are a freak unique lustfully haunting the shadows of modern society. Read Fourculture Magazine.

Sparkle in the Park

The Artist D has been a proud supporter of Sparkle since 2011 in one way or another. Sparkle is the National Transgender Celebration – a weekend festival held every July, in the Village area of Manchester UK. Please support this fabulous creation in anyway you can by visiting the Sparkle website.