These Are His, Her or Its Stories

The Artist D has been performing online since the mid 1990’s; a relic from the cam show age before social networking was a network, advocate for the rights of the underground, author, painter, columnist, raconteur, provocateur. Transgender in nature, a gender bender for sure, but a being that derives great psychological pleasure from being a man, woman and human. With a sexuality that can only be deemed queer.

Some say living life in Internet years is a lot like dog years. In just a blink of the eye you are far more advanced than ever. Aritst D has a unique perspective growing up in front of a computer screen’s dull glow. These are his, her or its stories about living online for decades. In Internet Years that makes Artist D a Crone.

Artist D is the Executive Editor of Fourculture Magazine and host of the podcast Up! All Night with Artist D & Ann Marie.

Contact Artist D by using the form below … 


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